THE BIBLE is the absolute source of truth and the final authority that serves as the tool for life transformation and discipleship. We want to see all believers experience SPIRITUAL GROWTH through prayer, worship and time in God’s Word. We cultivate healthy RELATIONSHIPS by treating all people with compassion and respect. We aim to be RELEVANT to today’s culture, using creativity and innovation to create an environment where people can explore Christianity at their own pace. We seek to strengthen FAMILIES by providing clear biblical instruction and practical resources for marriage and parenting relationships. We are committed to EXCELLENCE because God deserves nothing less.


 REACH // Reaching people in our community and around the world with the Gospel message and helping them get on a path to becoming a fully devoted follower.

FOLLOW // Helping people learn what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

CONNECT // Defining a critical path for people from visiting to connecting.

SERVE // A common culture that will help train followers to be effective in serving each other, the community and the world.

LEAD // Equipping followers and ministries at GT, regionally and around the world.

RESOURCE // Providing the means to be good stewards of God’s resources by planning and measuring everything we do.


GT accepts the Holy Scriptures as the revealed will of God, the all-sufficient rule of faith and practice, and for the purpose of maintaining general unity, adopts the Statement of Fundamental Truths of the General Council of the Assemblies of God.


Here at GT, we consider Water Baptism to be an exciting & life changing event; a time for you as a Christian to make a public declaration that you are a follower of Jesus Christ. It is a visual, meaningful reminder. When we go under the water, we are reminded of Jesus being dead and buried. In the same way, our old life is dead. When we come up out of the water, we are reminded of Jesus being raised to life. In the same way, He has given us new life [Romans 6:3-6].

If you are ready to take this next step in your faith journey, then be sure to attend the mandatory class to help you prepare prior to the water baptism service.  As you take this step of obedience, expect God to do something great in your life! To find out when our next water baptism class is being held, click on the EVENTS button below.

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