“Tell them they are having twins,” was the word that I felt the Holy Spirit press onto my heart as a couple stood before me for special prayer. Through their tears they shared with me their story: infertility, doctors, shots, needles, frustration, heartbreak, money spent, failed attempts, more doctors, tests, needles, shots, statistics, prayers, tears, frustration…repeat.

As I stood before them, I was keenly aware of my utter powerlessness to change their situation, but I knew God could change all of their circumstances. However, when Jesus whispered those six words, “Tell them they are having twins,” I wanted to tell them what I had heard, but I was fearful. I wrestled within myself and argued with Him in my head until I couldn’t stand keeping it in any longer. I took a very deep breath, whispered to myself, “This better be you, Jesus,” and I placed my hands on this couple’s shoulders and started to proclaim over them what I felt God had given to me for them.

Jessica and Jonathan Justiniano are the couple that stood before me that day seeking Jesus to do a miracle in their lives. Here is an excerpt of their sacred story from Jessica’s own words:

“For a lot of people getting pregnant is a beautiful act between a man and a woman that they can be excited about and blissful. For a smaller amount of women there is this ugly thing called infertility. Infertility comes in many forms and sometimes the cause is unknown. My husband and I suffered from infertility and had no choice but to seek medical assistance in getting pregnant. We started with local doctors that could not help us and eventually we traveled to New York to seek help from a wonderful doctor that I say to this day is the only reason we were able to get pregnant. We tried to get pregnant for over 3 years and had to undergo 7 transfers with numerous surgeries and countless injections. We prayed over every meal for this to happen and asked for prayer through our local church. It was not pretty, it was not fun, it was not cheap, it was not easy. There were many days of doubt, hopelessness, and tears.

The day we ‘found’ Pastor Rob Tomes, Jon and I felt like there was nothing more we could do. We thought we had faith in our journey. We thought we were trusting in the process, but I can say I personally was holding back and felt broken, lost, and scared to fully put it on God because if he didn’t answer my prayers I didn’t know how I would continue to believe. We told Pastor Rob our story. As we were explaining our struggle I don’t think any of us could hold back the tears. He began to pray over us. I felt electric and light at the same time. I felt like I was floating and that I was in the presence of something more than myself. I could feel in my body and spirit something shift and I could finally let go of my fears and trusted. I trusted that the plan set out for Jon and I would be shown to us when He is ready. Pastor Rob told us he felt an overwhelming sense of us having twins and he knew, with time, things would happen for us. He just told us to trust in God and be patient. The next time we transferred our embryos I wasn’t anxious for the first time, unlike the prior 6 times. I knew what will be will be.”

As I said amen and hugged this couple who were clearly overwhelmed with the Presence of God, I felt a peace about what I proclaimed over their lives. The last thing I wanted to do was to bring any false hope or an emotional promise from an overzealous pastor. However, I felt an assurance inside of myself and felt confident Jesus would do what He said He would do. Week after week I looked for Jessica and Jonathan at church because I wanted to follow up with them; unfortunately, I didn’t see them at all for numerous months. This wasn’t because they were not in attendance, our paths just didn’t cross until one Sunday between services. As I saw them in the hallway adjacent to the courtyard I observed two prominent characteristics, the glow that was emanating from both of their faces and the obvious baby bump that Jessica was now sporting. My heart jumped for joy as I asked how they were doing and what happened.. Here are Jessica’s words:

“The next time we transferred our embryos I wasn’t anxious for the first time unlike the prior 6 times. I knew what will be will be. This was the time that all of my dreams came true and restored my faith in not only God but also in myself. I finally saw that I knew I was right that I was put here to be a mom and God granted me that purpose.

In the end we found out we were finally expecting! At our last bit of faith and our last bit of money it finally happened. Then we found out it was twins! Then we found out it was a boy and a girl! I thought how could I be so lucky! I trusted in the process even when I wanted to give up and I trusted in God that he had a plan for me!

I am not writing this to get pity or sympathy or say that my babies are any better than any natural pregnancy. I am writing this to spread awareness for all of you out there still suffering in silence. Do not give up on your dreams that you can’t live without. When the thought of giving up on something is worse than continuing to try you must keep pushing forward because God will lead you on the right path.”

The next time I saw Jessica and Jonathan at church, they were standing in the foyer holding two miracle babies in their arms. I nearly ran to them and gave them a big hug and slapped Jonathan on the back in congratulations. Jessica told me that this was Reina Penelope and Reese Antonio’s first day at GT Church. I got to hold each of these precious babies that morning and stood dumbfounded when Jessica told me that they were born on Christmas Day 2017 and that they are their two precious gifts from God.

As I thought about how God moved so powerfully in this family’s life I couldn’t stop reflecting on how Mary and Joseph must have felt the day that Jesus was born in Bethlehem. The contemplating wonder and awe of realizing that you’re holding the Son of God in your arms must have been quite overwhelming to say the least. Mary’s pregnancy was a miracle because she was a virgin, Jesus’ advent was a miracle because the Creator was born of the created, and Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection was defined by the miracles of the kingdom of heaven manifested on the face of the earth. Luke records the purposes of Jesus and tells us the following:

“And there were shepherds in that country abiding without, and keeping watch by night over their flock.  And lo, an angel of [the] Lord was there by them, and [the] glory of [the] Lord shone around them, and they feared [with] great fear.  And the angel said to them, Fear not, for behold, I announce to you glad tidings of great joy, which shall be to all the people; today a Saviour has been born to you in David’s city, who is Christ [the] Lord.  And this is the sign to you: ye shall find a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, and lying in a manger.  And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host, praising God and saying, ‘Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good pleasure in men.’” (Luke 2:8-14, DBT)

This Christmas, allow the glad tidings of Jesus birth to really take root in your heart and spirit. Realize that Jesus has come for us to have the great miraculous joy of salvation, the miraculous peace of forgiveness, and the miraculous good pleasure of releasing His miracles upon the earth. May we realize we are His “Christmas Miracles.”