For God So Loved…

Abkhazians, Afghans, Albanians, Algerians, Americans, American Samoans, Andorrans, Angolans, Antiguans, Argentines, Armenians, Australians, Austrians, Bahamians, Bangladeshi, Belarusians, Belgians, Belizeans, Beninese, Bermudians, Bhutanese, Bolivians, Batswana, Brazilians, British, British Virgin, Islanders, Bruneians, Bulgarians, Burkinabe, Burmese, Burundians, Cambodians, Cameroonians, Canadians, Cape Verdeans, Caymanians, Central Africans, Chadians, Chileans, Chinese, Christmas Islanders, Cocos Islanders, Colombians, Comorians, Cook Islanders, Congolese, Costa Ricans, Cubans, Cypriots, Czechs, Danes, Djiboutian, Dominicans,  Egyptians, Emirians, Salvadorans, Eritreans, Estonians, Ethiopians, Falkland Islanders, Faroese, Fijians, Finns, French, French Polynesians, Gabonese, Gambians, Georgians, Germans, Ghanaians, Greeks, Greenlanders, Grenadians, Guadeloupians, Guatemalans, Guinean’s, Haitians, Hondurans, Hungarians, Icelanders, Indians, Indonesians, Iranians, Iraqis, Irish, Israelis, Italians, Ivorians, Jamaican’s, Japanese, Jordanians, Kazakhstanis, Kenyans, North Koreans, South Koreans, Kosovars, Kuwaitis, Lao, Latvians, Lebanese, Mosotho, Liberians, Libyans, Liechtensteiners, Lithuanians, Luxembourgers, Macedonians, Malawians, Malaysians, Maldivians, Malians, Maltese, Marshallese, Martiniquais, Mauritanians, Mexicans, Micronesians, Moldovans, Montenegrins Monacans, Mongolians, Montenegrins, Moroccans, Mozambicans, Namibians, Nauruan’s, Nepalese, New Caledonians, New Zealanders, Niuean’s, Nicaraguans, Nigeriens, Nigerians, Omanis, Pakistanis, Palauan’s, Palestinians, Panamanians, Paraguayans, Peruvians, Filipinos, Pitcairn Islanders, Poles, Portuguese, Qatari, Russians, Rwandans, Salvadorans, Samoans, Sammarinese, Sao Tomeans, Saudis, Senegalese, Serbians, Seychellois, Sierra Leoneans, Singaporeans, Slovakians, Slovenians, Somalis, South Africans, South Ossetians, South Sudanese, Spaniards, Sri Lankans, St. Helenians, St. Lucians, St. Vincentians, Sudanese, Surinamers, Swazis, Swedish, Swiss, Syrians, Taiwanese, Tanzanians, Thai, Togolese, Tongans, Trinidadians, Tunisians, Turks, Turkmens, Turks and Caicos Islanders, Tuvaluans, Ugandans, Ukrainians, Uruguayans, Uzbekistanis, Vanuatu’s, Venezuelans, Vietnamese, Virgin Islanders, Welsh, Wallisians, Yemenites, Zambians, Zimbabweans..

….. The World

I’m reminded today that Jesus loves every tribe, every nation, and every tongue. We get excited about this fact when we talk about missions and want to support others to go and take the message of Jesus all over the world. However, we tend to forget that even here in predominantly Caucasian, Berks County, PA, that we are an eclectic melting pot of many of the nations that are mentioned above. Jesus didn’t differentiate between the nations, the world to him is the inhabitants of the earth.

I challenge you today to embrace other cultures and other people groups here in our own church and throughout our county that are looking for the real Christians. Real Christians will be known by their love. (John 13:35) Real Christians will also love the Lord God with all of their heart, all of their soul, and all of their mind and all of their strength. They will also love their neighbors as themselves. (Mark 12:30-31)

Who is your neighbor? Great question! Please reference the list above.

People matter to God, they must always matter to us!