Sometimes people can think it is a bad idea to be consumed by your passion(s) but I disagree. I believe that your passion is what makes you special. Diving head first into your passion can work wonders in your life for many reasons. When embracing your passion you could possibly help somebody, you will definitely grow as a person, and you are doing God’s work.

Help Someone

If you’ve ever been inspired by a good painting or had your mood changed by a song, you were changed by someone’s passion. Aside from artistic passions that can help people, there are plenty of other passions which can help people. Some people who are passionate about animals can help educate people on how to treat animals and the environment better, thus creating a more harmonious balance between animals and humans. But helping people doesn’t always have to be in the forefront when taking part in your passion. For example, someone who loves running might think the run they go on each morning doesn’t mean anything to others, but to the person who sits on their porch in the morning and watches the runner, it could inspire them.  Even when your passion has nothing to do with other people, it still can impact them in a positive way.

Help Yourself Grow

Not only can you help others through your passion, but practicing your passion helps you grow mentally, helps you to understand yourself, and helps you grow spiritually. Often people are good at their passion and then end up pushing themselves to create something new or challenge themselves to get better. As the old saying goes, knowledge is power! As you learn more about your passion you’ll learn more about yourself. When you go to try new things you are able to understand what you enjoy and what you don’t enjoy. This way you will be more equipped to live your best life.  Lastly, when you take part in your passion you get closer to the roots of where you came from. Exploring what makes you happy can help you understand why and how you are connected to God. Personally one thing I really enjoy is helping people and through helping people I realized I was connected to Jesus so I can continue to spread his kindness and love. I know if I didn’t explore that I wouldn’t feel as connected to God.

You Are God’s Child

We are all a child of God and he made us all special for a specific reason. 2 Corinthians 6:18 (CEB) says “’I will be a father to you, and you will be my sons and daughters,’ says the Lord Almighty.” Our God tells us that he will act as a father, someone to love us and support us. Embracing your passion is what he wants as long as you are working your hardest and end up growing and spreading the love that is in you. God walks with you every step of your life and he wants you to help change the world and he can do that through your passion. God’s passion has let us live our lives in his glory. Why should we not embrace our passion?

Once we find our passion it is our duty to others, ourselves and most importantly God to embrace it and give it our best.