Baptism Sundays are some of my favorite services at GT Church! This year I have had the opportunity and privilege to baptize numerous people that have given their lives over to Christ and are taking this important step of obedience in their walk with Him. One particular baptism reminded me of my own baptism that occurred approximately eighteen years ago.

A Bunch of Dunkards

Dru George entered the baptismal tank on GT’s stage, he smiled with a nervous smile, and I got him into position to get ready for a “Pastor Rob Power Dunk.” Before I spoke words of prophecy over Dru, he leaned over and said, “I need as much of Jesus as possible.” Dru’s words took me back to my own baptism. My first baptism was when I was seven years old and I remember getting into the tank, the warm water, the robe I wore, and the three times that I was dunked underwater. In the Brethren church the pastors would baptize new believers in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and would dunk after saying each person of the Trinity. Hence the early brethren adherents were called “Dunkards.”

Fast forward to 2001 and I had recently come back to the Lord after a long time of living for myself and being trapped in a cycle of sin and destruction. I started attending a school of ministry that focused on not just biblical education but also practical ministry application. One of the assignments we received was to find a person who recently gave their life to Jesus or help someone to find Jesus and baptize them. By “coincidence” one of my friends from high school called me that week and told me that he and his wife had recently given their hearts to the Lord.  I made the plans and ended up baptizing them both in my mother-in-law’s hot tub behind her house on a Sunday afternoon. It was an exciting moment and I loved being a part of their growth and walk with Christ.

My Experience

The following Saturday I was in quiet time and I felt God impress on my heart that I needed to be baptized since giving my complete life over to Him. I then felt I should get my swim trunks and towel and go up to the same church where I had been attending the school of ministry. I gathered my things and went, and when I got to the church there was a discipleship class happening. I knew the pastor who was teaching the class and I went up to him and told him everything which I felt the Lord said to me. He responded, “Let’s do this!” I changed my clothes and they opened their baptismal which was already filled and warm for a baptism that was coming up. The pastor addressed the class and talked about being sensitive to the movement of God, as he spoke I was praying and telling God that “I needed Him completely.” I was baptized and when I came up out of the water I started to speak in tongues and I felt like my whole face and body was transformed into a brightness that I had never experienced before. Not only was I just water baptized, but Jesus baptized me in the Holy Spirit at the same time. What a glorious and wonderful experience that I will never forget. I felt like Jesus double dunked me on the same day!

“Pastor Rob Power Dunk”

As Dru George came up out of the water I paused and said that since he wanted more of Jesus, I dunked him a second time into the water. It was a great moment for a great man that has been through many struggles in his life. This is why we exist as a church, to see lives transformed by the power of God and help them become fully devoted followers of Him. I pray that we all stay hungry and desire everything that God wants to do in our lives.