I can remember going to my first women’s Bible study like it was yesterday.  I walked into the room and was warmly greeted by another woman who looked to be about my age and yet I felt like there were some glaring differences between us.  In my mind, she had it all.  She was lovely.  Her hair, her makeup, her clothing, her smile.  When she spoke, she seemed to know everything there was to know about God and the bible. That first night I was pretty sure her family was perfect, her house was perfect, she never had a bad hair day, certainly never yelled at her kids, spent at least two hours in prayer each morning and… I wanted nothing more than to just be her.  I wanted to have it all too. But here’s what I quickly came to learn; “having it all” is a myth.  We can’t have it all at the same time and we will run ourselves ragged trying.

This is why I’m so excited for GT’s Propel Women night coming up on Friday May 18th.  We are going to do some seriously fun things!  We’re going to have ice cream from Sweet Ride, fresh hot Stroopies being made right here (if you don’t know who or what they are, google it – they’re amazing), treats from Half Dozen Bakery, along with the opportunity to shop with some incredible vendors whose products all support women transitioning out of trafficking and/or homelessness.  But in addition to all that, we’re going to spend some time with God in worship, watch some amazing teaching from the Propel Women study on Personal Leadership, and have a live panel discussion with women just like you and me about dispelling the myth of having it all and instead running the race God has set out just for us.  I hope you’ll join us and bring your sister, mother, friend, and neighbor!  I can’t wait to see all God wants to do in and through the women of GT!