Quiet muttering and softly muted voices floated in the air. Beeping machines with little lights dancing across diagnostic equipment were attached to her human frame. The countenance of exasperated emotion on the faces of the nightshift nurses, the quick knowing glances from the doctors, for them this was not an uncommon scene. For us however, this night was to change our extended family’s life forever.

I stood at the end of the bed, my cousin was to my immediate right watching his bride when I noticed an expression of cherished love come across his face which produced a faraway reminiscing stare as if he was reliving parts of their lives together. Before he could finish his raptured thoughts, the ventilator which was partly tasked at keeping the body alive loudly kicked on startling my cousin back into reality. He slowly looked towards me with tears in his eyes, he deeply inhaled and exhaled a sadness that only grief and sorrow expels.

I prayed! I interceded! I cried out to God asking for brain activity to return! I presented my argument before God and cited the reasons why He should spare her life! I claimed the promises of God and prayed that the supernatural resurrection power of God flow into her broken body! I did everything I knew that I could do, but God just wanted me to be there.

Kat Bowman died on Wednesday Feb. 7th 2018, the following are some excerpts from her obituary:

It was during her time at Juniata College that Kat met and fell in love with Eric. Their 25-year marriage can only be described as devoted and adventurous. Their devotion grew stronger as they traveled through life’s challenges. She powered through Eric’s seven years of medical education. She enthusiastically invested her time and energy into raising four intelligent, talented, and respectful young men. “Adventurous” is the broadest term that describes things like trips to Jamaica for mission work; hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu; snorkeling in Culebra; skiing the Rocky Mountains; raising sons, chickens, goats, cats, quail, turkeys, rabbits, a ferret, turtle, alpaca and a border collie, “Tucker” who almost equaled her energetic personality. Kat and Eric spent ten years designing and building their beautiful log home in central PA. She even enjoyed the challenge of living in a tent for six months with their four young boys (ages 4, 6, 8 and 9 at that time), while being personally involved in finishing their home. Her goal of taking her family to National Parks in every state was nearly complete at 42 states and included dozens of parks where the family shared in the beauty and wonders of our great country.

Kat’s talents extended into every activity that her family embraced. She was a very active member of Codorus Church of the Brethren, acting as senior-high youth advisor and long-standing member of the bell choir. For the past 20 years, Kat was intimately involved with the Brethren Disaster Relief Auction where she was a key coordinator for the assembly of thousands of health and school kits that were sent to shelters where disasters strike. She served as treasurer for Boy Scout Troop 102 and as a den and troop advisor. She was the very proud mother of one Eagle Scout and one soon-to-be Eagle Scout. Kat was also the driving force behind Eric’s Wilderness Medicine Conference that began in 2007. She and Eric allowed their property to be developed into a professional experiential leadership course. For the 3-day course each year, Kat planned and prepared 1,600 meals with the help of dozens of volunteer staff. Kat is survived by her husband, Eric, and their children, Andrew and his lovely girlfriend, Leah, Jacob, Patrick, and Brandon. She was most proud of her children. The fact that all of her sons were top in their class, athletic, musically talented and patriotic (one of her sons hopes to be an Air Force pilot) was proof of her “Super-Mom” status.”

Kat lived a dramatic, adventurous, and FULLY INVESTED life that not only impacted everyone in her family or her immediate circle of influence, but changed the lives of many that she didn’t even know. You see, Kat invested her organs as a Gift of Life to families all over the country. The doctors were able to utilize many parts which included her lungs, kidneys, pancreas, and eyes.

We read in the gospels that Jesus invested his life and teaching into twelve men, but he surrendered His life for the whole world. He lived intentionally and specifically reached out to those that needed to know the Truth. The Truth that “everyone that believes in Him, will not perish, but have everlasting life.”(John 3:16)

Kat will live on forever in heaven because someone invested in her and told her the Truth. Now, Kat’s investments made here in this life will continue to produce dividends and compound interest beyond anything that we can ever imagine. To this I say, “Well done, Kat, well done!”


Group Discussion Questions

Conversation Starter
Tell about a time you just happened to be in the right place at the right time.  Or maybe the wrong place at the wrong time?!

Question 1:
Have you ever shared your faith with someone, or invited them to church?  Why or why not, and if you have, what happened?

Question 2:
What are some things that make it difficult to share your faith with others?

Question 3: Read John 3:8
In the message this week, Pastor Bryan talked about how God can give us “favorable wind for our words”.  What do you think that means, and have you ever had a time where that happened to you? Where you felt like God was speaking directly through you to someone?  What happened?

Question 4:
What do you think the key is to having the “favorable winds” of God when in conversation with someone?

Question 5:
Pastor Bryan discussed how the original translations of the word “conversation” meant more about your life, the way you carry yourself, and how you live than the words you speak.  What kind of conversation is your life speaking right now?

Question 6:
Who do you need to begin speaking to God about so that you can speak to them about God?

Prayer Focus
Ask God to show each person who they should begin praying about, and investing in.  Ask God to begin preparing hearts in Berks County to be reached with the Gospel this Easter.