The book of Psalms ends with chapter 150, and it’s a psalm of praise to God. It’s short but meaningful.

“Praise the Lord!

Praise God in his sanctuary;
praise him in his mighty heaven!
Praise him for his mighty works;
praise his unequaled greatness!
Praise him with a blast of the ram’s horn;
praise him with the lyre and harp!
Praise him with the tambourine and dancing;
praise him with strings and flutes!
Praise him with a clash of cymbals;
praise him with loud clanging cymbals.
Let everything that breathes sing praises to the Lord!

Praise the Lord!”

With Thanksgiving approaching I think this is a perfect Psalm for us to reflect on as a church. I don’t know about you, but every Thanksgiving I think about all that God has done in my life that year and appreciate the many blessings He’s given. This year He has done an exceptional thing in my life and I want to share it with all of you.

For the past year I worked at the deli at Redner’s Warehouse Markets, and before that I worked for 8 years at Subway. It seemed to me like my college degree in Professional Writing was useless and that I had wasted my time in college. Then one day I got a call from a temp agency I signed up with, and they told me that Penske had a temp to hire writing position. It seemed like the ideal job in my field that I was always looking for, and I immediately told them to set up the interview. In the past, when I went on interviews I was my own worst enemy. I would feel overwhelming nervousness and I ended up freezing up during most of my interviews. I realize now that it was fear of failure that defeated me.

Before my interview, I was sitting in my car pouring my heart out to God. I asked Him to take away my fears and insecurities. I told Him that it didn’t matter if I got the job or not. All I wanted to do on the interview was to overcome my fear and carry myself confidently. If I could do my best than I could leave the interview with my head held high and be content no matter the outcome.

During the interview all the intense feeling of nervousness and fear of failure vanished. I was never so confident and calm during an interview. God not only answered my prayer and took away my fear, but I ended up getting the job that very same day. God clearly showed ­­His faithfulness and love, as He has time and time again in my life.

I think back to the other jobs I had at Subway and Redner’s. Both were never my dream job, but I realize now how God’s favor and blessings were with me in both positions. Before I worked at Subway, I was very anti-social, but God used my coworkers at Subway to open me up. To this day they are some of my very best friends. At Redner’s God took what seemed at first to be an overwhelming job and made me very successful at it. I earned the admiration and respect of everyone I worked with there. What God did in my life reminded me of what he did for Joseph in the book of Genesis. Joseph was thrown into slavery by his own brothers, and later thrown into prison on false charges. Yet, as both a slave and a prisoner God favor was upon Joseph and he thrived in places that could have broken his spirit. Eventually, Joseph was made the right hand of the Pharaoh of Egypt, and since Egypt was the most powerful nation back then that made Joseph the second most powerful man in the world!

No matter where you are in life God can bless you. No matter what adversity you face God can cause you to thrive in the midst of it. He can help you overcome all your personal fears and doubts if you only let Him. Not only is God all powerful but he cares intimately for every one of us! Even the most minute details of our lives He takes a keen interest in. Let us give thanks for all He’s done for us and just pore out our praise to God and let Him know just how much He means to us!

Read //
Psalm 150
Genesis 37-50

Discussion Questions //
What are you most grateful for in the past year?
Discuss ways we can show God we are thankful for things He has done in our lives?
What is the significance of the book of Psalms ending with a Psalm of praise?

Prayer Focus //
I pray that no matter what we are facing in our lives that we would be thankful for all of God’s blessings, and that we praise him with everything with have!