Sometimes I read things in the Bible and I just don’t get it.  I hope I’m not the only one here.  And I know the Psalms were written as man’s expression to God about what he’s feeling, what he’s experiencing, voicing his praise and complaints to God.  And I know that we’re supposed to be able to relate to the Psalms because of that.  But can I be honest?  Sometimes I just can’t relate to what I’m reading.  “I will sing your praises before the gods…” Whaaaa?   Now the flip side of that is that I LOVE a challenge, and when I read something in God’s word that I don’t get, my go-to response is: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.  The best part about that challenge is that I know that if I ask God to help me understand, to open my eyes to what He’s trying to tell me through his word, He’ll tell me!  He wants me to get it, and he wants you to get it too.

I read Psalm 138 over and over.  I read it in different translations, I read it out loud, and hear me- there’s some amazing things said in it, but it wasn’t gripping me.  I was getting too tripped up on things I couldn’t relate to like “bowing before the temple”.  But then I stopped and realized that David, the guy who wrote this Psalm, was just a man like everyone else.  He was talking to God about what was going on in his world and how God had helped him in that, and I thought I can do that…  So, I decided to write my own Psalm based on it.  A Psalm of Salina.

Thank you, God.  You are so so good.  In fact, you are far better to me than I deserve and as I look around at the life you’ve given me, I’m keenly aware of that.

I don’t care if people hear me, or make fun of me, or don’t understand, I will praise you with all that I am because you give me all that you are, and I know that all of heaven is praising you right along with me.

You are unimaginably faithful to me.
Every word I whisper to you, whether out of my lips or out of my soul, you hear it and you answer.
You always answer.
And while you and I may disagree on what that answer should be, or more likely disagree on WHEN that answer should come, you are still always faithful to give it and I know that your way and your when are always perfect and right.
Your never-ending, never-failing love and faithfulness makes me brave and I trust you.

Oh Lord, how I pray that the leaders of this world, the “higher ups”, or at least higher-than-me’s would bow before you and recognize that you’re the one in control, that you are the almighty God!
And sometimes in a not very Christ-like way I long for the day that your word talks about when every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that you are Lord because then they’ll see!!
And then I remember myself… Lord help me see…

You don’t play favorites, and that’s one of my favorite things about you.  Because if you did, I wouldn’t stand a chance.
There is nothing good that’s in me but you.
I have nothing to offer you other than what you give me and sometimes I even squander that.
But when I feel I’m at my smallest, invisible, you see me.
You see those who are invisible to the rest of the world.
And not only do you see them, but you look at them with a love in your eyes that is so pure, so deep, so sincere that it brings a lump to my throat even as I type these words.
It’s indescribable, I can’t explain it, but I know I want it.  I want to see others the way you see them.  I want to see them through the eyes of Jesus and not just through some Instagram filter.

You see me and you protect me.  It is only by your grace that I am standing.

I never imagined living in a world as dark as this one is right now.  What’s right is wrong and what’s wrong is right and some days I’m just so tired of the fight.
But you guard me.  You protect me.
You keep me from harm in a world out to harm me.
You don’t have to, you just love me that much.  Don’t stop Lord!  Don’t leave me!  I can’t do this without you and I wouldn’t even want to try.
Your hand in my life keeps me alive and your love keeps me whole.  What else could I do but praise you?

What’s your Psalm?  A Psalm of __________.


Read //
Psalm 138

Reflect //
What’s your Psalm?  Is it a Psalm of praise?  A Psalm of confession?  A Psalm of lament?
Take some time this week and write your Psalm.  Don’t over think it, just pour your heart out to God about what’s happening in your world and how He’s moving in that.  He loves to hear from you.]

Prayer Focus //
Dear Lord, thank you for your word.  Thank you that you used ordinary people to write it and that you can use ordinary me.  Open our hearts to love your word more, to seek it, to crave it, and help us not to just get in it more, help us to get more of it in us.  In Jesus name…